Code School
Target Unreal / UT
Language UScript
Type Small mods, code snippets
Development On and off, feel free to contribute yourself!

I am getting asked to write this or that. I neither want to nor would I have time usually.

I do, however, want to help people get better and more useful/versatile code. This Code School section is intended to list small mods and code snippets that are useful in some way. All code here is complete in itself, comes with readme, debug code and inline docs so you should be able to see which function is called when.

You are allowed to use all mods here in full or in part in your own mods. Do with the codes whatever you want AS LONG AS you put in the original author's credits somewhere. If you use one of my codes or that of another author as base for your mod, just put a line in your readme saying so. That's not asked much is it?

If you have useful code snippets yourself you would like listed, email me (see contact link). Please adhere to the following rules:
  • READABLE code, no spaghetti code!
  • No documentation = teh suck!
  • You must allow code reuse in full or in part for free to any other mod author, all you can ask for is being mentioned in the credits
  • Provide a contact address in your readme for other authors to ask you questions, like an eMail address, ICQ number, AIM address or website where you can be reached.
  • I will not list unethical code such as hacks, exploits, backdoors or similar shit!
To make this short (since it is a formality), if you use any of the code and something goes bang on your system, it is your problem and your problem alone. The authors take no responsibility from whatever damage their codes may cause.

Downloads - Links
HUD Replacer:
Author: }TCP{Wolf
Replace client HUDs without a game type. (only for Unreal, not UT)
Details --- Download (8 kb)
Mutator Adder Serveractor:
Author: }TCP{Wolf
Add mutators via ini file instead of command line options. Useful on remote servers where you are not allowed or able to change the startup line of your hosted server. (For Unreal, should work in almost any Unreal engine though).
Details --- Download (11 kb)
Author: }TCP{Wolf
Destroy actors controlling PlayerPawns. Good to get rid of old anti-cheats and/or exploit fixers which cannot be disabled...
Details --- Download (22 kb)
Author: }TCP{Wolf
Forcefully create/update ALL ini files and ini file sections. For Unreal and UT.
Details --- Download (5 kb)
Author: }TCP{Wolf
Change where your game server appears in clients' tabs. For Unreal and UT.
Details --- Download (12 kb)
WeaponThrow mutator:
Author: }TCP{Wolf
Set your server to allow or disallow weapon throwing globally. For Unreal (should work in UT just fine but not tested).
Details --- Download (3 kb)