Local Internet Effects (LIE)
Target Unreal 224v, 225f
Language UScript
Type Patch / Add-on
Version 0.2
Development Finished without future plans on continuing.

Description (EN)
This is an advanced networking-tweak patch/add-on and should only be used by absolute experts.

What the mod simply does, is, it sets the 'bAlwaysRelevant' flag to true for actors you choose by configuring LIE. For every actor this is configured it means you can see it truly through transparent walls, or view-through-portals.

Completely serverside mod, settings are adjustable for different CPU and network speeds. You are advised to watch both your network stats and your CPU power consumption when changing LIE's configuration!

LIE, when used carefully, can highly enhance detail effects. But if used carelessly, will ultimately make your server perform so bad any kind of game will be impossible! It will either run out of CPU power or network bandwidth with both resulting in horrible LAG.

You were warned, so use at your own risk!

Note that UTeamFix has an included light version of LIE which is modified and enhanced especially for UTF. Thus, do not use this build of LIE with UTeamFix, its internal light LIE will perform a lot better and does not have the most performance-destructive features.

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Lie 0.2 Download (6 KB)
Note: downloads include full manuals