Minor Unreal CLient Corrections / MUCLC
Target Unreal 224v, 225f, 226b/f
Language UScript
Type Patch / Fix
Version 0.1
Development Halted! There will probably be no future development.

Description (EN)
This little tool modifies client settings.

Effectively, purgecachedays is silently set to 0, so downloaded files will stay forever on the clients.

Also, client netspeed is checked and reduced to the server maxclientrate if it is too high.

This mod will help all those people all over the world who have no clue about settings in Unreal, those who have and don't like it can easily overcome it, but I believe it is in the interest of everyone that people do not download the same files every 30 days and also that they do not use more bandwidth than they're supposed to...

Note: The bandwidth reset is reported to be STAYING permanently, even though it should not. Ever since Nephthys I doubt you will still need that particular feature. Since the sourcecode is included in MUCLC, you can easily disable the feature, and yes I allow derivative work on MUCLC.

Note 2: This mod requires the Generic Client Spawner for deployment.

Downloads - Links
MUCLC 0.01 (24.03.2003) Download (4 KB, source in u-file)
Gen. Cl. Spawner 2 rev 0.01 Download (5 KB, source included in u-files) - required deployment for MUCLC
Note: downloads include full manuals