MonsterMash (old)
Target Unreal 224v, 225f, 226b/f, UT 436+
Language UScript
Type Fun add-on
Versions 1.2e, 1.6e
Development Finished! MonsterMash is part of UTeamFix since version 2.0, all future developments will be made there, the stand-alone MonsterMash will not receive any further updates. These files are released for studying purposes.

Description (EN)
Running low on players? Or feeling bored with DM?

Why not shoot some monsters?
MonsterMash can (theoretically) be used in all gaming modes of all existing mods, directly supported are RealCTF (DM/Team), Infilitration (DM) and Serpentine (DM/Team) - and of course, good ol' standard Unreal Classic (DM/Team).

MonsterMash plays best in DM, there are some stupid issues about team games, but you can set it all up the way you want. Since version 1.0 you can also play it offline 'out of the box' using the internal gaming mode (instead of setting up a server, which was needed before). You can set extra items to be spawned, ammo, armor, health, guns... whatever, you can play any type of monster on almost any map with any number... and bots may assist you in the killing!

Whether you just want a bit of 'kill the pupae' or some real ass kicking monster battles, it's all up to you!

NOTE: In the course of time, upgrading versions have been developed that also broke compatibility with older releases.

NOTE 2: The versions on this page are OUTDATED. MonsterMash has merged with UTeamFix as of version 2.0 and no future development will take place on this standalone version! Also note that the stand-alone version still has one or 2 serious issues. The versions here are released purely for studying purposes and are totally unsupported by me nowadays.

Downloads - Links
V1.2e (generic) Download (92 KB, no source) - this is the old generic build that works with ALL Unreal Gamemodes and UT, however not extremely well.
V1.6e (requires UTF-9B) Download (220 KB, no source) - this version is UTeamFix 9B based and will run with no other version of UTF and will not run without it at all.
UTeamFix 9B (Unreal One) Download - required for MonsterMash 1.6e
Note: downloads include full manuals
Note 2: Remember these versions are deprecated!