Package Synchronization (PSYNCH)
Target Unreal 224b7(Mac), 224v(Win), 225f, 226b/f, 227f(Win!)
Language UScript
Type Anti-Cheat
Version 1.20
Development Limited support only, updates for 227g likely, otherwise finished!
Deprecated!!! Use 227+!

Description (EN)
This is a scripted anti-cheat for 'old' Unreal. It was created originally some time in the year 2003 but kept classified. Only a limited number of admins were given the mod to help keep the lamers outside.

With the coming of 227, this mod is not going to make much more difference in the remaining world of Unreal, thus it is being released as public along with a little update to support 227f (windows) clients. Due to differences in file loaders, supporting any Linux version is completely impossible.

Also, the support I am willing to give to this mod is very limited. I am releasing it as a convenience for those old-timers who refuse to update to 227 or for those exotic configurations where 227 will simply not run properly.

  • Can be installed on old (224-226) servers and on new (227 and newer) servers.
  • On 227 servers, works in conjunction with 227 Server Integrity, and will only scan OLD clients!
  • Will scan 227f clients if installed on old servers, but can not verify Linux clients then!
  • Messes up some known cheat clients...
  • Admins can add custom consoles.
  • Admins can add custom packages.
Will sometimes kick innocent clients. Works similar to UProtector. Support for S3TC packages is -VERY- limited.

Downloads - Links
PSYNCH 1.20 Download (44 KB, no source)
Note: downloads include full manuals. Installation instructions for old (224-226) and new (227+) server works DIFFERENTLY! Read the appropriate instructions, they are both included!