Target Unreal 225f, 226b/f
Language UScript
Type Patch
Version Release 5
Development Finished. Future developments will be a UTeamFix gamebridge if any.
Warning RealCTF is NOT compatible to Unreal version 224!

Description (EN)
This is a patch for RealCTF, supporting the RealCTF gamemodes RealCTF and RealCreeper.

A complete list of changes and enhancements can be found in the readme from the download-zip below, here's a short summary:

Some critical bug fixes (you could change to teams GREEN and GOLD although the game modes in question only have 2 teams), a 'capture limit' is added so you can win by captures rather than points, team kills are punished, you will NOT change teams all the time now as you did originally, lots of administration enhancements from the older UTeamFix, some network enhancements (flagcarrier much more visible!), advanced preferences added which were missing before.

All in all, if you run a RealCTF server, you should use this patch. However, some people dislike the 'crippled' tractor-beam. The original RealCTF's tractor beam was so powerful it allowed you to ridicule any serious CTF game in my opinion, so I made it a lot less powerful. I am sorry if I have drawn RealCTF fans away from the game by doing so :( In all my life as a programmer for Unreal, I have changed the balance of a game intentionally only TWICE so far in the interest of making the game more interesting - while otherwise I keep it as original as is possible.

Downloads - Links
Release 5 (12.05.2002) Download (24 KB DISTRIBUTION PACKAGE!)
please use THIS download for servers!
Release 5 (12.05.2002) Download (32 KB source in u-files!)
Full source-coded u-files for studying purposes.
Note: downloads include full manuals