Simple Gamespy Query
Target Any java 1.4_01 capable OS
Language Java
Type Server query tool
Version 0.52
Development Halted, future development not planned.

Description (EN)
This is an experimental program, written entirely in JAVA. It was my first attempt writing a GUI, I started using AWT and gradually continued with SWING - and it shows...

This tool is multithreading and can query several servers at once. It displays server rules and players, and highlights certain special findings (such as servers full, a buddy found, no reply...).

It was also an experiment in programming a multithreading application and java udp datagrams. Since this program is so experimental and nothing more than my attempt at getting something to run, there is absolutely no support for it, do not ask me questions, just use it, or don't!

You cannot query master servers, so all servers you want to monitor/query have to be entered manually. Be sure to specify the GAMEPORT when adding servers. On the bright side, SGS has a few nice tweaks to its protocol parser which are non-official if compared to the gamespy protocol. For example it can display names that are usually non-displayable (names containing certain letters normally get messed up), and it can query every Unreal/UT engine game that was made with the old 4xx family of the Unreal Engine. It has been successfully tested with Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Rune and Wheel Of Time.

If you don't mind the manual server entering, SGS can be a nice tool for finding your buddies online quickly (it always checks against WILDCARDS so just enter a clan tag to find all your clan mates). Admins can also use it nicely in a LAN environment to keep an eye on their server(s) from there.


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Reminder: no support - all emails/messages about this tool will be ignored!