SUSongPlayer (Simple Unreal Song Player)
Target Unreal 224v, 225f
Language UScript
Type fun add-on
Version Release 4
Development Halted, future development possible.

Description (EN)
The SUSongPlayer is a primitive server/client mod which looks if a music is played on a map, and if not and the SUSongPlayer is enabled, a song will be started by it then.

The song choices are settable from server packages (so you can add custom music files), but the downside is clients will have to download ALL music files before even joining once. Music that comes with the original Unreal game is auto-linked so will always be loaded up with SUSongPlayer running and is thus available all the time.

Docs are included as always, this time along with a copy of Epic's Unreal tech page 'music.htm' (I resisted putting a link here because the page on has been shredded) explaining how the music engine basically works, which music file types it can play and how you can create your own music files.

Release 3 guarantees 224 compliance now (it worked on 224 before too but heck now you have it in the readme too :-D and introduces one new feature called 'MapSongs' which lets you assign a specific song to the maps you want. This is intended for those people who make new 'maps' just by adding their custom songs to them, leaving the map otherwise unchanged but forcing people to download the same map they have already again just for the damn song...

Release 4 can disable global music events (for Coop-servers etc...). Sorry this update took so long... lazy me :-S

Downloads - Links
Release 4 (20.11.2003) Download (14 KB, source in u-files)
3rd party program: WinAmp UMX decoder Download (100 KB) - this WinAmp plugin allows you to listen to Unreal engine UMX music files with WinAmp. Take note that this plugin was NOT written by me, but I found this extremely nice to have!