Server Dog
Target Unreal 224v, 225f, 226b/f, UT 436+
Language UScript
Type Admin tool, patch, IP Logger
Version 0.96
Development Finished, future development not planned.

Description (EN)
Completely serverside mod. It allows admins to take easier control of some server settings (tickrate, clientrate, players, specs, gamepassword, adminpassword) and even allows admins to kick users by ID (or KILL them as punishment and let them change team)...

The ServerDog is independent from all game types and so should run in all games (dm, team, all mods... UT support in part only).

Code is included and derivative work is encouraged. My own development on it is finished, however.

ServerDog includes a scripted 'sockets' command parser which lets you log the IPs of all players present (requires an admin, no automated logging). The original one was taken from Shambler's InfCheatDetector, but I rewrote it from scratch.

The fixed UDP Server query beacon fixes all problems when Spectators are in the game messing up the playerreport when people right click on a server in their UBrowser.

Note: ServerDog is deprecated, tools like Nephthys (see download-section of are far better for IP-Logging and have more features. Most of ServerDog's ingame administration aids have been included in UTeamFix as well, so unless you run a non-modded server, or a mod that is not game-bridged and does not come with enough admin support on itself, you will not need ServerDog anymore nowadays. ServerDog's UDP query is also deprecated now by Nephthys' implementation of a far more advanced UDP query.

Downloads - Links
ServerDog 0.96 Download (37 KB, full source in u-files)
Note: downloads include full manuals