Teletarget / Teleporter Target Override
Target Unreal 224+
Language UScript
Type Add-on
Version Release 1
Development Finished

Description (EN)
This mod is for server admins running a LOBBY server with portals to one or more of their actual gaming servers.

Found this on my hard drive and figured I hadn't released it, what an oversight LOL. It's nothing big...

Lobby servers are running lobby maps, meaning maps that are not meant for fighting, but to meet before going to another game server. This has been a common practice in years past mostly, but my clan had one running and using this mod as well not so recently (relatively speaking).

Anyway, lobby maps contain one or more teleporters linking to your game servers. But every time the game servers change IP or location, you have to adjust your lobby map to put in the new addresses or ports into the teleporters. NOT ANYMORE - just use this mod to redirect your teleporters to the new location :-)

Downloads - Links
Infiltration WADS Release 8 Download (2 KB, source included in u-files)
Note: download includes short readme