Unreal Download Enabler / Disabler
Target Win32 / any platform with C compiler
Language C
Type Admin tool
Version 1
Development Finished.

Description (EN)
Downloaders lagging your server? No one getting the maps prior to joining your server? Well then, here comes your proggy to lock them out. If they can't read 'please visit our site at ...' they haven't deserved better...

This program can effectively block any and all downloaders from your Unreal server. You can select what files are downloadable and switch 'allow downloads' on and off as you need or prefer...

Deprecation note: Nephthys is an Unreal native mod which does a far better job handling downloaders. Nephthys can forbid downloads as well or even better, throttle the download-speeds so your server will not lag during file-transmissions. Nephthys was written by Zora and WingedUnicorn and you can get it from Oldunreal.

The tool is standalone, the binary compilation works for Win32, but I included the full sourcecode so with little or no change you should be able to compile it for any platform that has a decent C compiler.

Downloads - Links
Finalized build 1 Download (30 KB, full source included)
Note: downloads include full manuals