Compilation/Porting problems: UT / Unreal engine core class differences

I had the plan to port this mod to UT right away in some distance future, but it is very unlikely I will ever pull that off. Not only because of a ton of things I don't know yet, but also because of the things I already do know after flying over some classes to compile a basic UT version of UTeamFix...

UPDATE: Forget the above hahaha!

  1. Package Engine:
    1. bool bTossedOut declared in Engine.Weapon in Unreal, Engine.Inventory in UT
    2. GameInfo: event Prelogin adds these parameters in UT: Address(in) FailCode(out)
    3. GameInfo: function FindPlayerStart has extra in-parameter in UT: Pawn Player (assume player start finding is different as a whole)
    4. GameInfo: function ExecuteWorldLogBatcher() non-existent in UT
    5. Pawn: function PlayHit() different arguments
    6. GameInfo: function FindPlayerStart() different arguments
    7. PlayerPawn: Missing variable KbdAccel
    8. Pawn: function ParseDeathMessage() different return result
    9. Pawn: function Killmessage() ignoring playernames...
    10. PlayerPawn: function ServerRestartPlayer() moved solely into state DYING to avoid cheating (WARP cheat)
  2. Package??:
    1. function StatLog.LogSuicide() has an additional in-paramter: Pawn Instigator. This is complete bullshit because when it is a (REAL) suicide the Instigator is always identical with the Killed pawn anyway - so why pass the same parameter twice... jerks...
  3. Misc:
    1. UTPlayerPawn defines AdminLogin/Logout functions - can't re-define
    2. Guns don't fire in network play
    3. GameInfo: exec function [somefunction] nothing happens (e.g. addbots)...
    4. HUD SCREWUP (GEEEEEEEZ): all messages re-displayed
    5. GameInfo: Timer() not auto-set, must be explicitely done
    6. Weapon animations and timings totally different for TournamentWeapons