The UTeamFix Serpentine Game Bridge

If you are unfamiliar with Serpentine, I suggest you visit the original Serpentine page first, you can find it here:

In short, Serpentine is a total weapon conversion mod for Unreal, replacing Unreal guns and items with "real life" weapons and items, such as MP5s, Shotguns, Glocks, Leather Armor etc... Also recoil effects and real bullet travel is reproduced as well as accuracy impacts on sustained firing or "eye-strain" looking through a sniper scope too long...


As any other Game Bridge :) See the page you just came from! To RUN the Serpentine games after installation, you have to activate a new mutator called "GB_Serpentine".

Game Bridge Accuracy - how "original" is it

I'd say about 95%, if you ignore mininal visible differences (see below) I would even say 100% was it not for the Ithaca Shotgun issue.

Original game-modes vs UTF Game-Bridge Game modes

Original Serpentine 8 was used to compile the Game Bridge. I do not support nor make any guarantees with any hacked Serpentine or Serpentine make-offs, I was using the only really classic sanctioned version of Serpentine.

Serpentine 8 had normal DM, Team-DM, KOTH and DarkMatch (called "DarkSerpent"). All of these game modes exist in UTeamFix, DM and Team directly, KOTH and Dark can be added using Mutators. Therefore, the Serpentine Game Bridge itself is a single Mutator itself! Just activate it and you have all of the original game modes available by choosing the corresponding UTF-game modes and mutators. Alas, the game mode conversion is 100%. Probably even 120%, because "DarkSerpent" was extremely buggy!

Extra Features (non-original)

Visible Changes to original

Non-visible Changes to original

Settings (mutator)

You can find the Serpentine Mutator settings under advanced options - mutator - GB_Serpentine.

bAllowBoots If true, JumpBoots will not be destroyed by the mutator. false
bAllowDampener If true, Sound Dampeners will not be destroyed by the mutator. false

Special conversion issues

The only real conversion problem was the Ithaca ShotGun Issue. Honestly I don't know how original Serpentine could ever work properly, or better said, how that particular gun was supposed to function correctly!

On my computer, the original code of the shotgun caused numerous malfunctions, either, the fired pellets would have a range of just one centimeter (could only hit an enemy I already BUMPED INTO) or they would accelerate to infinity causing massive damage over large distances (killing a Titan in a single shot...).

Either way, however the shotgun was supposed to function, neither of these appearances could have been it! Therefor I rewrote one function entirely, which probably gives the shotgun a greater range than originally, however, the effectiveness should not be too much different. The chance that you hit anything with the ShotGun on medium to long distance is minimal to none, all you are going to see are the pellets hitting the wall or floor... Effectiveness on close range is exactly what you would expect from a saw'd off... BOOM! Point-blank damage is about 250 HP, anything a meter away will still die from one good shot on normal health, further away targets require several punches.

This is --roughly-- how I experienced the shotgun years ago when I played it. I hope this is about how it should be, if not I am sorry, but the original code was entirely useless. Maybe it is tickrate() dependent, in which case the code is technically bad anyway, because the dealt damage of a weapon, or its "effectiveness", should not be depending on tickrate :-(

Compatibility with other mutators

The Serpentine Game Bridge is a mutator. The general rule is (or should be), that any mutator can be combined with any other mutator, exceptions existing only when one mutator does the opposite of another, but also other cases may occur where incompatibilities may arise.

Some noteworthy interactions:

Legal Issues

Chrystalline Design explicitely prohibits deriviative work from their mod. As I mentioned on the general Game Bridge page, I hereby state, that this Game Bridge is no Serpentine-deriviative work of any kind, it is a bug-fix and compatibility adjustment! I have preserved all original features as good as my abilities allow, and I believe I have converted the entire Serpentine mod as it is in its entity with minimal/negligible changes to its code, effectively preserving the original intend of the mod.


You --should-- set fair play rules so that you only have one second spawn protection. The expiration when a gun is shot does not work in game bridges (yet). Do NOT tamper with the Standoff fairplay rules though!