WAMapBug (Wolf's Anti-MapBug)
Target Unreal 224v, 225f, UT 436+ (not tested)
Language UScript
Type Patch
Version 0.4
Development Halted, future development possible.

Description (EN)
This mod corrects bugs of some maps dynamically. This is intended to solve a few problems on older maps which should / could be redone but another download might just be a waste.

WAMapBug can do any type of 'corrections' that are possible with UScript, usually switching items around for balancing, locational corrections, state corrections etc...

This version currently corrects issues on the following maps:
  • DMTeetok - drop-traps no longer destroy items
  • DMWashBoard - bad playerstart in lava zone disabled
  • DmSpaceXskybase - Speedboots destroyed, they are buggy online
  • DMDrakus - switch around guns, improves gun-balance by far
It is totally serverside, so clients will never download this one when connecting :)

Note: It is not entirely clear if this mod works ok with UTeamFix versions greater than 9B.

Downloads - Links
Version 0.4 Download (8 KB, no source)
Note: downloads include full manuals