Target Unreal 224v, 225f, 226b/f, 227, UT 436+ (not tested)
Language UScript
Type Add-on
Version 2.6
Development Halted, future development possible.

Description (EN)
32 maps can by cycled through by a normal Unreal server. I thought it's not enough so I programmed a little mod enabling servers to cycle through 10000 maps - the mod also features random map selection, automatic take-over of original maps, and detects maps which fail to load.

Also a cool feature is to count players and if you give WFlexmap additional information it can pick maps depending on playerload.

The latest addition is Unreal 224 compliance and an experimental all new Randomizer. Also, self shutdown upon detection of certain game modes is possible.

It is totally serverside, so no clients will ever download it, and it works in all gaming modes (DM, TEAM...) as well as together with other mods (UCop, RealCTF, Infiltration, Serpentine, UTeamFix, Crystal Castles....). Might work in Unreal Tournament as well but that has not been tested so no guarantees there.

Downloads - Links
WFlexMap v2.5 (19.04.2003) Download (16 KB, no source)
WFlexMap v2.6 (2009-03-24) Download (30 KB, full source)
Note: downloads include full manuals