Weapons + Inventory
Target Unreal 224v, 225f
Language UScript
Type Fun inventory
Version ---
Development Finished! This stuff was just to play around with...

Description (EN)
This inventory pack has a few items I made when I started learning UScript. I was thinking abount enhancing some for direct implementation into MonsterMash 2... I dunno...

You can find the following items (for normal Unreal) in the pack:

A primitive, but funny, fast firing ASMD. Eats ammo like popcorn while dealing damage like Rambo...

AMSDRailGun versions 9,10 and 10R
Version 9 became known as the 'blueberry' gun because of its translucent blue-red look, version 10 looks translucent dark green and 'R' signifies the 'RealCTF' version.
The Railgun is a modified ASMD that can shoot THROUGH pawns damaging every pawn it hits on the way.
Crosshair changes when you move it over a pawn, so you could use it to scan in dark areas for snipers...
Alt-fire is zoom - when fired in alt-fire mode damage is doubled (consumes 5 times ammo though and needs twice as long to fire again).
Zoom is auto-reset when fired.
Automatically recharges ammunition.
Watch your ammo, because if you try to shoot with too low ammo (careful it only has 10 on pickup), the shot will FAIL and you will get negative ammo (so it takes a bit until you can shoot it again).
Version 10 supports the amplifier, turning the railgun into an extremely powerful splash-damage-mass-destruction weapon - every pawn it hits causes one superexplosion and one more when it hits the wall...

This item actually made it into UTeamFix, however without the super-charge. This Forcefield here behaves like the normal one, however you can carry an infinite amount of them and they have a much larger charge, making it last a lot longer. Respawntime is also shorter so you can expect to have a lot of forcefields around soon enough...

My 2nd funniest custom gun for beginners, fires 4 different types of missiles at varying speeds and ammo consumption, alt-fire changes between the different types. The 4 types are brute missiles (default, very fast firing, low damage, low ammo consumption), 8ball rockets (medium firing rate, high damage, high ammo consumption), Heatseekers (slow firing, high damage, extremely high ammo consumption) with instant-lockon to whatever target is nearest and finally Warlord rockets (fast fire, medium damage, medium/low ammo consumption).
The gun looks like a stinger but translucent and black. Also comes with an 'R' RealCTF version.

This gun is most definitely overpowered, it behaves like a normal minigun, but fires Rifle bullets and has a faster rate of fire... do I need to say more?

Downloads - Links
Inventory fun pack Download (40 KB, source in u-files)
Note: for fun only, don't use on open game servers. May cause bugs and interferences with other mods.