Target Unreal 224v, 225f, 226b/f, UT 436+ (not tested)
Language UScript
Type Add-on / pseudo-mutator
Version 1.12
Development Halted. Future developments possible.

Description (EN)
This mod enables you to ban items, change some attributes (respawn time, charge, ammo amount...) or completely exchange items with other items. The description in the package file is incredibly detailed, so I'm sure you will get it to run. It is totally serverside, so clients will never download this one when connecting :)

224 compliant now!!

Note: I wanted to continue developing but never got around to it. You may find a version 2 of WMutator, which was written by Winged Unicorn who created a real mutator out of my pseudo-mutator.

Winged's version does have the advantage of being a real mutator, in some cases you may find a pseudo-mutator working better, though. I am not certain if Winged's version was ever made public, but I have seen it in action when it was unfinished.

Downloads - Links
Version 1.12 (23.02.2003) Download (22 KB, no source)
Note: downloads include full manuals