}TCP{Wolf's Unreal Project Overview

  1. ArbitItem
    Mappers: spawn arbitrary items in rotation at one pickup spot
  2. Code School
    Coders: code snippets and small mods for coders to look at, study and reuse for free. Currently available:
  3. Crystal Castles/Chaos
    Admins/Gamers/Mappers: Total conversion mod for Unreal and UT2k4. The hunt for gems is on!! Please refer to the official page HERE.
  4. Generic Client Spawner
    Server only: Generic actor-spawner which all playerpawns coming to a server are required to own. This mod is useless on its own, it is meant for developers as a deployment tool of their own playerpawn-owned actors or it comes along with the mod making use of it. Sourcecode included for studying purposes.
  5. Infiltration WADS
    Deprecated (mostly) by UTeamFix Infiltration gamebridge
    Admins/Gamers/Mappers: Patch/Add on for Infiltration, includes a fixed DM and a new Teamgame, no-recoil weapons and a mod for the classic Inf-game to alter the round-time-limit based per map!
  6. Local Internet Effects (LIE)
    EXPERT server admins only: LIE allows you to make your networked server appear more as if it was an offline game by adding small details such as abilities to really see items/players through portals in networked games... This mod is dangerous and can be extremely harmful to your server's performance. You were warned!
  7. MonsterMash (old)
    Deprecated by UTeamFix
    Gamers / Admins: Add-On for DeathMatch games, turns DM-maps into cooperative maps where players have to kill monsters instead of each other.
  8. Minor Unreal CLient Corrections
    Admins: Patch / Fix, makes small changes to the client configuration to keep cached downloads forever and also checks netspeed once and throttles it down appropriately if too high.
  9. Package Synchronization (PSYNCH)
    Deprecated by 227+
    EXPERT server admins only: This is a scripted anti-cheat, which synchronizes packages between server and client (hence the name). Works similar to UProtector but was created entirely by me. Classification status removed as of 2009/2010.
  10. RealCTF-C
    Admins/Gamers: Patch for RealCTF (CTF and Creeper, not RealTeam/DM). Bugfixes, admin enhancements, adds 'Capture Limit'...
  11. Server Dog
    Admins: Administration aid / UDP-Patch. This tool is a great help for admins as it simplifies adminstration from in game with various commands. It also has an IP logger ('sockets' command parsing based, purely scripted) and a simple UDP-Query which fixes a few bugs.
  12. Simple Gamespy Query
    Gamers/Admins: A very simple server query program, can list server rules and players, supports buddy lists. Can -NOT- query master servers.
  13. Unreal Download en/disabler
    Deprecated by Nephthys!
    Admins: Enables/Disables downloading of unreal files.
  14. UGH stats
    Admins / Programmers: Collects stats from Unreal games, requires UTF 10C or newer, but open source parts enable you to write your own deriviations in your own mods of you like.
  15. SUSongPlayer / Simple Unreal Song Player
    Admins: Server/Client mod which makes Unreal play music on ALL maps which have no music by themselves. Allows custom music files as well (required to be serverpackages) and supports Coop since release 4.
  16. Teletarget / Teleporter Target Override
    Admins: Servermod for LOBBY servers, can alter destinations of your teleporters, so you don't have to adjust your lobby map each time you change IP or server location.
  17. UTeamFix
    Admins/Gamers/Mappers: Total patch and update for Unreal on the script-level. Tons of bug-fixes and additional features for DM, Team-DM. Adds custom mutators and mods, bridges to Serpentine and Infiltration, adds Standoff/Last Man Standing, MonsterMash, Domination, Fairplay-enforcement, in-game administration, in-game menues for admins and players etc etc...
  18. UTeamFix Extras
    Admins/Gamers: Plugins, mutators, small things you may use with UTF...
  19. WAMapBug
    Admins: Automatic correction of minor bugs on old maps.
  20. Weapons + Inventory
    Admins / Gamers: funny inventory items I made a long while back just for fun when I started learning UScript...
  21. WFlexMap
    Admins: Allows your server to rotate through up to 10000 maps, server may pick maps by random and/or playerload as well.
  22. WMapVote
    Admins/Gamers: Allows players to vote for other maps in game, and/or to vote for immediate map skip.
  23. WMutator
    Admins: Global item-switcher/adjuster.