3rd party mods, not made by me
Bane's Multimag Akimbo Download Multimag Akimbo (46 KB) - the multi ammo type supporting dual-handed Automag
Jedi Light Saber Download Jedi Light Saber (568 KB) - the Jedi Weapon for close combat
WinAmp UMX Decoder Download (95 KB) - allows you to listen to UMX songs in WinAmp.
Rain Script (c0mpile client fixed) Relase 3 (40 KB) - a nice rain script with thunder sounds, rain puddles etc... originally created by c0mpile, reworked by me for highly improved network performance, added some features as well. Krull added some snowflakes too :)
Re-Release 2 has additional fixes: intensity now tick-independent, and dropspeed now truly arbitrary, thanks to Zombie for the idea on how to do it!
Release 3 is an online bugfix, thanks to Krull again otherwise I would probably never have noticed it.