News and history

I have decided to document site and file updates, although admittedly the effort comes a bit belated... oh well. But better late than never ;-)

2013-02-06 I was asked to give some more consideration to Linux issues in my UTeamFix manual, as at the time of writing it was (nearly) exclusively targetted at Windows-user audiences, and as such, some describtions would be inaccurate or not applicable. I took this opportunity to go over the entire manual, correct typos and other minor mistakes in addition to adding information that would specifically assist Linux admins (and players). This is purely an online update, so you can view the updated manual under Unreal/UTeamFix/UTeamFix 10 manual, but the downloadable package will not be updated (at least not at this point).
2012-03-02 Added POCKiller to CodeSchool. Destroy non-configurable pawn object control actors like old and now useless anticheats and anti-exploits that create false positives. Can identify obfuscated actors as well.
Added details to CodeSchool.
2012-01-08 Updated the PSYNCH manual a bit. {hLk}Havok was kind enough to add some details how to set it up right to run under 227 to scan old clients. Simply re-download version 1.20, the file PSYNCH227.txt contains a new passage.
2010-10-11 Added MutatorAdderSA to CodeSchool. Add mutators to your server via ini file instead of command line options. Useful on remote servers where you are not allowed or able to change the command line.
2010-10-01 UTeamFix 10H released. Please be aware that from here on I no longer have the quality control I used to have. Now more than ever before, if there's a bug, report it but don't expect anything to happen anytime soon.
2010-10-01 Added saveini to CodeSchool. Create those missing ini files / ini sections at runtime.
2009-12-31 PSYNCH released.
2009-03-24 WFlexMap was updated a little bit :) Source code released!
2009-01-04 UTeamFix 10G has been released (internal OldUnreal build 4) Shouldn't have been necessary but you know how things are.... there is always something...
2008-12-28    UTeamFix 10G has been released (internal OldUnreal build 3)
2008-12-25    Added wpnthrow mutator to CodeSchool. Enable/Disable weapon throw on your server.
2008-03-30    Added SetGameType to CodeSchool. It allows you to let your game server appear in any Browser Tab on clients you like.
2007-12-28    Added the Code School section. Go learn something if you like ;-) You can also contribute yourself if you want to.
2007-10-05    Rebuilt the rain script, there was replication problem, well okay... I screwed it last time I made built 2 ;-) Release 3 should work nicely now.
2007-10-04    Updated ArbitItem to build 3. There was a stupid bug that stopped it from properly finding replaced items in some maps. The older builds have been removed from the downloads.
2007-08-27    Updated ArbitItem (build 2 now)
2007-08-27    Started news page :-O