Infiltration WADS
Target Unreal 224v, 225f, with Infiltration 265(b)
Language UScript
Type Patch / Add-on
Version Release 8
Development Mostly deprecated, you are advised to use UTeamFix in conjuction with the Infiltration gamebridge instead of Infiltration WADS - unless you play Inf-Classic. This mod is entirely discontinued and will not be developed upon anymore.

Description (EN)
This mod adds several features to your Infiltration.

First, if you have an Iniltration Classic server (2 teams, one tries to get the secret CD, the other defends it), this mod enables you to set new times for each map individually and you can also have a new default for any map you did not specify. Also, the 'CD does not show up on radar in online-play' bug has been fixed.

Second, a completely new game-mode, which I called [INF]TeamGame, which should pretty much explain what it is... Infiltration Deathmatch as team, without the slowness and respawndelays you have in StandOffs... this gamemode was originally based on UTeamFix with the following changes taken over:
  • Gold/Yellow team skin bug fixed
  • Scoreboard enhanced
  • HUD enhanced
Other noteable features:
  • Alternate skin package (Infiltration skins)
  • Added SkaarjTeamskins as in UTeamFix
  • Also added a fixed DM mode
Third, if you still want the original Standoff instead of team (because of rounds), but don't want the slowness of it, even that is now possible with the "gunrules", which allow you to set the playermovement speed (Standoff only) and additionally, you can take the weapon recoil/kick effects out (Standoff+Classic).

Downloads - Links
Infiltration WADS Release 8 Download (260 KB, source included in u-files)
Note: downloads include full manuals