UGH stats
Target Unreal 224v, 225f, 226b/f, UT 436+ (UT not tested)
Language UScript, Java, ...
Type Simple Stats collector for Unreal
Version build 3 (2006-08-25)
Development Open - this mod is public freeware with full sources given and anyone can pick it up to build his own stuff on top of it (not the UTF mutator part at this moment, since you need UTF itself to recompile it which is closed source currently)

Description (EN)
UGH stats is a stats collector system for Unreal one. I have kicked this project off after public demand and offer the full source as freeware. It is up to other people to make use of the stats or to ask what other stats they want collected. There are limits, and I do not intend to update or work on this project very often.

It basically works out of 2 parts (a third if you run a database in the background but that is beyond the scope of this mod): these parts are a mutator part on the Unreal side, and a listening server running as a separate process on any machine in your network.

The UScript mutator sends the stats from Unreal to your server, and your server processes the data (that is where YOU come in and do with the data whatever you want - the most obvious thing todo is put it in a database and do some calculations).

I am giving the full source (java) of a demo-listening server which takes the data from Unreal and writes it into logfiles (ASCII textfiles). These can be parsed by scripts etc... but the intention there was to demonstrate how it is supposed to work, making a custom listening server would be more efficient. You may modify my java listening server to your own likings or write a new one, all up to you - enjoy!

Downloads - Links
Build 1 (March 2006) Download (45 KB, with sources)
Build 2 (2006-08-07) Download (46 KB, with sources)
Build 3 (2006-08-25) Download (46 KB, with sources)
UGH Forum on Quickdog
Note: downloads include full manuals